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Northeastern Local Schools
Northeastern Local Schools


Athletic Event Tickets

Pre-sale Tickets may be purchased at Tinora Elementary School for Athletic events, These tickets are ordered in the morning and sent over from the High School so the the students will have them before leaving at the end of the day. 

The pre-sale cost is $4.00 for students and $6.00 for adults. ALSO, please send in the exact amount for the cost of the tickets


15 - 17 ~ 5th Grade Trip to Camp Storrer
16 ~ Board of Education Meeting - 7:00 PM at TJHS
16 ~ 4th Grade Field Trip to Mud Hens
17 ~ 3rd Grade Field Trip to Science Central
18 - 19 ~ 6th Grade Trip to Chicago
22-26 ~ Amazing Shake Week
28 ~ Graduation - 2PM in the Alan R. Moore Gymnasium at THS
29 ~ Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL
31 ~ Last Day of Classes at Tinora - 1 Hour Early Dismissal

Parent Volunteers

Our teachers are always looking for parent volunteers who are willing to help copy papers and other tasks that come up from time to time,,,,Any parent who is interested may call 419-497-1022.


Students are no longer allowed to pass out birthday treats to all of the teachers. Students may bring treats for their classroom and teacher only. This is a school-wide change aimed at reducing classroom disruptions and time away from class. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this change.